How our world shapes tomorrow depends on how much we care today.

Matcha Design believes in helping others in a practical and responsible way. We participate as a lender for Kiva, an organization that facilitates the lending of financial capital to low-income entrepreneurs around the world. Lenders can loan amounts starting at $25, up to the full amount of the loan, then re-lend the money once it's paid back. This system allows and encourages people to lift themselves out of poverty.

We rally behind Kiva's slogan, "Loans that change lives," and believe it is our responsibility to contribute to that end. Please explore our lender page and to learn how we engage the global community. We encourage you to join us and the hundreds of thousands of others who are making a difference in a renewable, sustainable way.

Below is a map of the countries in which Matcha Design has supported a business through Kiva since 2009.

Visit Matcha's Lender Page