Meet The Founder

Every member of our team is uniquely skilled and passionate about what we do.


Matcha Design was founded in 2004 by President & CEO, Chris Lo. The Matcha team is a group of smart, skillful and passionate individuals that work well with each other and our clients. Each team member brings their expertise, an open mind and a drive to perfection to the table. Under the leadership of Chris Lo, the team has accomplished numerous projects, across the nation and the globe, to clients' satisfaction, some in record breaking time.

Our founder, Chris, has been working in the design industry for more than 30 years. His artistic talented professional design experience include toy design, graphic designmedia productionphotography and educational module design. He also applied his talent in a Fortune 500 corporate environment prior to founding Matcha Design in 2004.

With multi-cultural experience and background, Chris has a thorough understanding and awareness of subtle details that could otherwise be overlooked. Chris has worked on and directed projects of all sizes - from logo design for one-man shops to an interface design for a touchscreen system for Super Bowl XXXIII.

Though his accomplishments have been recognized and published in multiple regional, national and international design and advertising competitions, what has kept Chris motivated all these years is a true passion to apply divine artistry appropriately in the real world. He believes art does not have to be confined in a frame, but can be found on a coffee mug or a soft drink bottle.

Though our team is not large, each member is a hand-picked expert of their specialty. We look for individuals who have not only the technical qualifications and experience, but a heart for excellence, and the will to improve. With diverse backgrounds, talents, and tastes, we collaborate to ensure that we're seeing different angles of your project and using the best technologies and techniques for your specific needs. We consistently drive each other to improve upon our skills and knowledge in order to bring the best we have to our clients, every single day.