Web Design and Development

Nowadays, anyone can build a website with just a few clicks, easily and cheaply. But because anyone can do it, it's not an effective way to stand out. Using a cheap template is a great way to blend in with everyone else.

There are many factors to consider when creating a website. Target audience, browser compatibility, technological limitations, search engine visibility, to name a few. Even websites that look good might load slowly, or fail to rank well in search results, if the developer didn't take these things into consideration.

Different websites call for different technologies. Some may be focused on textual content, but some require rich media, such as audio and video, or are tied in to blogs or online stores. We provide award-winning services in all those areas.

Some businesses operate from a home or out of a warehouse, with no physical storefront. For these businesses, the website is the storefront, so it's particularly important that it represent the company well.

At Matcha Design, although we operate quickly and efficiently, we don't rush into things. We develop a thorough understanding of the specific factors that affect a project before completing a design. We don't cut corners - we make sure we understand your company and your target market, then we design something that accurately represents your company and your beliefs to your audience.