Why Intent Matters When Choosing a Website Design Firm


“Is Your Website an All-Star…” featured article from Vantiv.com shares a deep-dive on common guidelines and execution for Value Added Resellers when updating or re-thinking the utility of their website.

Akin to shedding extra weight in the fitness space, Vantiv has created a list of Worldpay partners websites that embody specific values that clarify your business goals into a concise message, and provide the most value in the form of a visually appealing and communicative presentation.

In this piece of On the Edge content Jim Roddy cites his quality checklist as incorporating the following;

  • Clean Design
  • Predictable Navigation
  • Compelling Copy
  • Focus on Customer Needs
  • Prominent Contact Information
  • High Quantity of Quality Content
  • Third Party Testimonials
  • Partnerships that Establish Credibility
  • Smiling Employees
  • Chat Functionality

We’re elated that our client Anthem Business Solutions made the list. Among the criteria listed above, the website Matcha Design team provided highlighted Anthem’s direct and approachable contact and Personal Guarantee page; specifically mentioning President Dale Seefeldt and the rest of their senior management alongside a clear and compelling pitch offering customers hands-on, personal, and local service.

It’s always a moment of pride when our work is recognized for excellence in design — or in the case of websites, outstanding usability and utility.

One of the benefits our clients receive by working with a firm like Matcha is our unparalleled commitment and insight. Unlike accolades from advertising and design industry awards showcases, Anthem Business Solutions received praise for their website from active leaders and taste-makers within their own niched industry. 

We would like to thank Vantiv Partner Advandage for including our friends at Anthem Business Solutions in their list of VAR/ISV best practices for websites, and affirming Matcha Design’s philosophy of placing our client’s needs, priorities, and success at the forefront.

Visit Anthem Business Solutions here: www.anthembus.com

and read more about the rest of Vantiv’s content on the source article at here.

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