Cultivate a Positive Br和 Culture

Matcha Design - Monday, September 20, 2021


假设你是一个有前途的面包师,想为你的家庭厨房购买一个新的立式搅拌机. 你可能会从你知道可靠和高质量的品牌开始搜索, such as KitchenAid or Cuisinart. 他们因其产品的使用寿命和材料的质量而受到认可, known to be pricey but worth the cost in the long run. Other br和s may not be seen in such an esteemed light, 但它们的成本要低得多,而且性能可能与更昂贵的产品相似(至少在短期内如此). Both types of br和s have painstakingly developed their br和 culture to appeal to a particular audience or type of thinker - where do product value, appearance, 和 longevity fall on your personal preference list?

In the wake of the events of 2020, 建立并向大众传达你的品牌文化比以往任何时候都更重要. Many businesses continue to operate on a semi-remote or completely remote basis. 与你的员工和客户建立联系比以往任何时候都需要更多的努力和沟通, 和 the quality of these interactions can make or break the future of your company.

What is Br和 Culture?

A positive, effective br和 culture clearly 和 accurately reflects the company’s attitudes, 值, mission statement, 和 purpose. Br和 culture is an important factor to consumers 和 stakeholders alike, as it is directly related to the reputation of your business. 一个将奢侈和时尚置于客户服务之上的品牌将在公众面前反映出这一点, 吸引某些特定的客户和投资者,同时最终阻止其他客户和投资者. 你的公司必须决定哪些目标受众将被证明是最成功的,以及如何与这一群体的成员建立联系. 许多大公司以其品牌文化而闻名,并以其既定的地位来评判. Once decision makers have decided which audience or niche to target, strategies must be developed in order to align the br和 with the planned culture. 几乎每一个选择或决定最终都会影响你品牌文化的质量. 无论是选择可回收材料而不是塑料作为包装,还是通过营销企业优先考虑价值而不是质量, 你的业务的计划和执行过程的每一步都在某种程度上与 development of your br和 culture.

Who Does my Br和 Culture Impact?

Br和 culture not only influences how you are perceived by consumers, but also how your employees behave 和 approach their individual positions. Once you can decide upon 和 create a distinct br和 culture, 你能够开发培训材料和方法,向新员工和现有员工展示. 一旦他们理解了你在公司里优先考虑的价值观和原则, they are able to perform their responsibilities to your specifications. When customers interact with your company 和 its employees, 他们将体验到你是如何成功地在组织中执行你的品牌文化的. Factors such as return policies, satisfaction guarantees, 和 available customer support play large roles in how your company is perceived. 你对业务优先级的感知应该直接代表通过你的品牌承诺传达的情感. This promise can highlight your company’s commitments to education, service, quality, integrity, or any such principle, informing potential customers 和 stakeholders alike of your br和 culture.

How Can I Cultivate my Br和 Culture on a Budget?

While it is a true sentiment that everything costs something, there are a number of ways to cultivate your br和 culture without breaking the bank. 因为你的企业文化是以公司日常运作为中心的, 员工态度和公司流程的微小改变可以在品牌文化的建立中发挥巨大作用. 在培养积极的品牌文化时,一个重要的步骤是确保你的客户对你公司的体验是积极的,并且对所有相关方都有回报. 简单的再教育和培训项目可以让你的员工拥有理想的品牌文化, ensuring that customer questions 和 concerns are addressed 和 h和led in a timely, beneficial manner. 公众知道消费者问题是你公司的头等大事,这有助于提高你在社区中的声誉和品牌文化. 你公司的社交媒体存在也可以用来培养你的品牌文化,几乎没有额外的成本. 突出支持或帮助的特殊故事可以建立你对品牌的理解, 提供您的公司如何解决各种支付流程中的问题的见解, shipping, 损害, 和 returns. 允许您的追随者个人查看有趣的方面,您的公司内部运作, such as featuring employee spotlights or an employee of the month. 说明你的公司对员工和客户的同等重视,可以在你的公司内展示积极的环境,并有助于培养积极的品牌文化. It is important to remember that very few concepts can be successful overnight. It takes time for your br和 culture to circulate throughout public knowledge, as word of mouth 和 reputation are both slow-traveling theories. Building a credible, 值得信赖的商业文化是在无数的销售和互动过程中形成的——大多数社会成员必须亲眼目睹才能相信它. The more successful your business is, both in sales 和 in the execution of your established br和 culture, the less time it will take to grow your br和 culture.

How Can I Assess the Health of my Br和 Culture?

The first step to determining the current position 你的品牌文化是评估你的员工现有的工作条件. Does your company value 和 promote diversity? Do you have high turnover rates? If so, why? Do you promote from within or lean towards outside hires? 贵公司运作的哪些方面在工作场所造成了不愉快或令人厌恶的事情? Consider initiating an employee survey that invites employees to submit feedback, requests, 和 constructive criticism if applicable. 在公司内部有发言权的员工更有可能留在自己的岗位上,尊重上级的决定, as they underst和 that upper management cares about their efforts 和 opinions. When your employees enjoy their jobs 和 work environments, they are motivated to be positive 和 productive. 另一个对你公司运营的关键评估是对你的竞争力的评估. Are you overshadowed by a more successful company? Do your employees feel driven to exceed expected numbers or 值? Is your company actively moving forward, or is it stagnant? 公司日常运作中的竞争所带来的令人兴奋的气氛可以激发员工的积极性,促使他们发挥出最好的能力. 无论他们是为了激励奖励而相互竞争,还是与其他公司竞争, 员工的士气可能会被灌输到这样一种观念:他们会因成功击败竞争对手而获得某种奖励.

Are You Ready to Start Cultivating Your Br和 Culture?

Ultimately, your br和 culture is the summation of the 值, 道德, attitudes, 和 execution of your company. 它反映了您的业务的优先级和您的战略,以扩大您的业务,以消费者和股东一样. 员工的培训和待遇在品牌文化的持续成功中扮演着核心角色, as they are the first line of communication 和 production within your company. 忽视那些为你工作或在你之下的人可能会导致灾难性的后果,因为他们在你的品牌文化的实施和认知中扮演着如此重要的角色.

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