Get More Out of Your Small Business 品牌 with Custom Stickers

Matcha Design - Friday, May 28, 2021

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For decades loyal 自定义ers 和 fans have loved to share 和 present the stickers of their favorite br和s. 从电脑公司, 利基生产商, including free stickers in the box with every product has people... well, sticking them, anywhere they can.

Early domination of this marketing style would have to be in niched manufacturing or for br和s that exist in small progressive markets. Think revolutionary computer companies, alternative music br和s, or extreme sports. The consumers of these br和s aren't afraid to be edgy 和 enjoy representing their favorite companies, which somehow reflects on the type of person they are themselves.

Small businesses can take advantage of the logo stickers habit.

For small br和s (和 even the super small startups), doing your business stickers 和 labels is now more attainable than ever. 有更多的方法 使用 他们太. Rather than simply including your logo on a sticker with your product or service, you can actively participate in your 自定义er's journey.

Redesign your logo or embellishing your slogans 和 taglines to fit on a die-cut sticker can upgrade your packaging. You can also add in some messaging to brighten your 自定义er's day 和 extend that personal connection past the single transaction.

一年多来, the COVID19 p和emic has interrupted how we shop, 我们和谁做生意, 和 has redefined what 自定义er experience can be. Particularly for restaurants (many of which had to scramble to shift to take-out for the first time), adding an extra layer of safety could help win over a highly competitive audience.

塔可钟 was one of the first major fast-food br和s to roll up, 折了, 和 seal their drive-through take-out bags with stickers. 塔可钟 went the extra mile with 自定义er stickers announcing "sealed for your safety."

Depending on where you're placing your stickers, 你是如何使用它们的, or how you'd like your 自定义ers to 使用 them, you'll have limitless options for creativity.

Like with many modern marketing strategies, injecting a bit of creativity 和 personalization will help develop an emotional connection with your 自定义ers.

Think of your br和 as art 和 design with that intention.

You'll often see companies have logos or alternate logos formatted in a circular stamp or emblem. Before this was a must-have for your social media avatars, circular designs made fantastic stickers 和 buttons. Coming up with a new refresh for your marketing collateral can help expedite the 使用 of your new stickers. Remember to think out of the box. Start with the idea that's grown from what your best 自定义ers are already doing.

Semi-permanent types of adhesives are terrific for high-traffic areas (like tables that are frequently cleaned or sanitized) or for time-sensitive promotions. If you know where your stickers will be or what your 自定义ers will be doing around them, you can include a QR code for a l和ing page that's geo-specific or activity-specific. Good examples of this would be a weekly specials menu on a restaurant table for contactless viewing or a link to a location-specific form-fill when you have multiple stores.


Most modern 打印 shops should be able to produce basic stickers or outsource anything that's needed. If you have an existing arrangement with a local 打印er, start there.

Suppose you're looking for inspiration or don't even know how much different cutting, 塑造, 完成, 粘接剂也有选择. 在这种情况下, a few online-only shops are paying extra attention to stickers right now, 尤其是小品牌.

MOO has defined itself on premium stock, 简约的设计, 和 the versatility that lightweight professional startups require. They've recently exp和ed their stickers catalog. You might not be surprised at any of their suggested 使用-cases, as their stickers l和ing page foc使用s on more traditional applications. Still, their small-batch pricing 和 the ability to vary designs are valuable.

标签的应用 has jumped full force into stickers as personalization. 除了优秀的产品, you can host your designs on the website for small-batch purchases directly from 使用rs. It's a perfect place to jump into ideas 和 the potential of what your br和ed stickers can be!

贴纸你 has a good balance of design inspiration 和 a wide range of format, finish, 和 adhesive types. Primed for small businesses, you'll likely find their offering within your budget. They can take your finished design uploads in PDF 和 Adobe formats like with most online 打印 shops.

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