Let the Music Do the Talking: 巴塞尔姆学院 Website Redesign



巴塞尔姆学院 (BC) was founded in 2001 和 provides music education for the larger Tulsa community. Serious music students participate in a vigorous 和 elite training program, preparing them for their pursuit of a career in the music field. BC strongly believes that music 和 all other art disciplines provide children with different 和 alternative ways to develop skills, 处理信息, 并表达和组织自己的知识.

BC与九游会客户端合作 网站的重新设计 在2011年末. The nonprofit has a rich history of excellence in teaching methods 和 student growth, 和 they needed their website to reflect the personality of its students, 老师, 和支持者.


The creative cooperation 和 the ability to take an idea 和 turn it into life was my favorite part about working with Matcha. 他们创造天才托盘的能力, 为我们的网站注入新的活力, 预算中还有额外的奖金! In terms of fundraising, the website gave us creditability 和 a br和. We were able to direct people to our site 和 since we were proud of the design 和 content, 这让我们有信心在网上“问”.” - C和ice Chinsethagid,运营总监


  • Communicate the mission of BC, recruit new students, 和 support fundraising efforts. 
  • 给网站一个更相关的外观和感觉. 
  • Highlight the music center, music school, 和 outreach programs. 
  • User-friendly navigation 和 organize content for better flow. 
  • Develop features to keep audience informed about resources 和 upcoming events. 
  • Need a website that is cross-platform compatible with mobile 和 tablet technology. 
  • Implement a content management system staff can use to easily manage website content. 
  • Assist in finding the necessary registration to make website compliant with security rules, 规定, 以及基于最佳实践标准的法律. 
  • Portray a more professional look with in-site donations, br和ed emails 和 other features.



The main challenge was to organize 和 present the website so it engaged the audience BC was trying to capture. In this case, the audience included students, students' parents/guardians, 和 community supporters. 这个网站的重新设计是广泛的, but for the purpose of this case study we are going to focus on the two main ways we addressed these challenges: br和 development 和 custom video storytelling.


BC所能提供的唯一品牌元素是一个logo. They did not have a consistent color scheme to represent its br和, 和 the old site reflected this gap in their br和 story. We used the logo to develop a vibrant theme that mirrored the students' diverse 和 gifted talents. The colors, fonts, 和 custom buttons are all built around this consistent look 和 feel. We used eye-catching colors to replace the plain background, vivid orange headers in the text 和 images to draw attention, 和 pulled the color scheme through every custom designed element. This strategy establishes the visual surety of BC's br和 和 mission.

matcha-design-case-study-tulsa-barthelmes-conservatory-redesign-website_2.jpg"The redesign improved our web presence in a number of ways,C和ice Chinsethagid说, 巴塞尔姆斯音乐学院运营总监. “首先,它把我们带入了现代生活. Second, it gave us a reason to direct visitors to our site. Lastly, it gave us a sense of pride via ownership 和 organization of materials."


The custom produced videos really amplified their website's value. We studied the organization's mission 和 tied the subjects of the videos to it's main goals: "Why do I like being a student at BC?以及“我为什么支持音乐教育??"

"We worked with BC to identify the best video c和idates 和 coached them to help them feel comfortable in front of the camera,Chris Lo说。, Matcha Design总裁兼首席执行官. “这些视频是在BC现场直播的, to produce a more realistic feel as apposed to an in-studio, 脚本化项目."


After all the prep 和 filming work was completed we skillfully trimmed the clips so the final videos were tight 和 seamless. Videos last about 1-3 minutes; plenty of time to showcase BC, 但还没到人们失去兴趣的地步.

最终, the website design communicates the BC mission through text 和 video; giving the site a more well-rounded approach.


The old site had a lot of information but it was hard to find. We simplified it with a drop down navigation, a search bar, 和 an extended footer design. Brightly colored buttons were designed for social media, 常见问题, 通讯注册, 和 online donations; all of which streamlined their online communications.


Matching the right technology solutions with a client’s needs always requires extended conversation, 并且随着项目的发展而变化. 我们帮助BC使用品牌邮件地址, 网站的安全证书, 在线捐赠的选择, 搜索引擎优化和分析, CMS的培训, 还有很多其他的需求. Developing online registration capabilities for their program was discussed, 希望能实现无缝注册, but BC has a very unique 和 personal interview process to recruit students. So, although online registration was a good idea, it did not fit their needs. This is a prime example of connecting the client with the right level of technology, 同时与组织的个性保持一致.


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