MidFirst Bank Money Moments Online Financial Literacy Course


MoneyMoments.com is an interactive course designed for MidFirst Bank to promote financial literacy for college students. It is coupled with college campus events 和 workshops to help students navigate the complex l和scape of financial management 和 responsibility. The course covers four main areas: banking basics, saving 和 spending, credit 和 borrowing, 和 身份 theft.

  • 类别: Financial Education
  • Initial Launch Date: 2012年10月
  • Initial Development Length: 5个月
  • Additional Feature Enhancement (投放市场):
    • Additional university themes added
    • Introduction replaced with full video
    • Closed captioning added
    • Individual versions created per category
  • 下载 Full Case Study (PDF) document,并查看 Project's Portfolio.


  • Custom video 和 graphic production on financial topics
  • Interactive "quizzes" to test the student's knowledge
  • Course completion tracking mechanism
  • Volume 和 navigation buttons
  • Completion certificate with 打印 和 email settings
  • Multiple themes for specific universities


matcha-design-wins-summit-international-award-emerging-media-award-money-moments.pngWe started by developing the MoneyMoments br和 身份. It was important for the logo to integrate well with the MidFirst Bank br和, but also be able to st和 alone as the online course was developed for specific universities. In the beginning, the MidFirst color scheme was developed, but soon new versions were designed to match the Arizona State University 和 University of Central Oklahoma 品牌 colors. Each graphic was meticulously designed across color schemes to promote visual consistency, including graphics for checks, 图, credit card statements, video storytelling 和 more.


We rewrote an old financial literacy course provided by MidFirst Bank to fit the new online platform; however, this was no easy task. Each section had to be condensed 和 rewritten for a younger, online audience. Plus, interactive questions had to be added to test information retention. The interactive questions included true or false, matching, multiple choice, storytelling 和 more. The script went through several levels of approval before the final version could be prepped for production.

Video Development

Key portions of the script were created for video. We completely managed 和 arranged studio time 和 talent. Finding the right talent was key to the script because we needed actors that could bring financial topics to life, 和 locating talent with diverse backgrounds was key. We worked 10 hours on set with props, directional scripting, 衣柜, makeup 和 a full audio 和 video staff to capture the needed clips. 晚些时候, the MoneyMoments 身份 changed 和 extra voiceover recording 和 video shoots had to be scheduled 和 implemented into the online course. Although it pushed back the timeline for the project, the end result was seamless.

Production 和 Development

This online course is very unique. It is not a website, nor is it an app, however it is compatible across tablet 和 mobile technologies 和 all major browsers. 因为这个原因, using flash was not an option. Developing MoneyMoments was a challenge because there were multiple segments 和 a lot interactivity between the online course 和 the visitor. Making sure the visuals 和 audio behaved consistently across all major browsers required extensive testing 和 code tweaking. The online course is programmed to use AJAX 和 dynamically generates content based on XML definition, 和 we streamlined the debugging features so maintenance is easily taken care of.

Project Management

We worked with MidFirst Bank teams in marketing, IT, 会计, education 和 on executive levels in two states to complete MoneyMoments. 因为这个原因, the project grew organically, with many changes occurring instantly across project members. A project of this size required extensive project management to communicate project needs, secure appropriate approvals, 和 discuss the functionality 和 messaging goals.

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