SHBC Tulsa Branding, Photography and Website Design

Matcha Design took the lead on the centennial rebranding project for Tulsa-based Southern Hills Baptist Church. The project includes the establishment of new brand identities, a new website and other marketing support.


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Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK came to Matcha to help bring their branding into the 21st Century. The church has come to symbolize its relationship to its congregation as a living tree, an example mentioned in the Bible as the template for a solid disciple: grounded in a personal relationship with Christ, growing people up in this relationship, and then equipping them to give their lives in ministry and mission, as demonstrated by the thriving branches.

We converted this symbol into an attractive, modernized logo designed to be recognizable at nearly any print size. The overarching branches of the tree contain 52 leaves, one for every week in a year. The solid tree in the logo has thick boughs and sturdy roots, and the unending circle surrounding the logo indicates each worshipper's relationship with Christ which lasts for all eternity. The slightly elongated typeface was chosen to be modernistic yet highly legible. A single seed accents the "I" in "Hills," completing the growth motif.

Southern Hills also contains a number of individual ministries and outreach programs. We decided to include them in the rebranding as well. From the playful growing leaves of the Greenhouse and Orchard children's ministries to the graceful curves of the Women's Ministry, each icon symbolizes the core mission of each ministry or outreach effort.

Since completing the rebranding project, we have been gratified to see the logos appearing in flyers, online advertising, videos, posters, and other promotional areas.

On-location Photography

Over the course of several weeks, we performed a series of photo shoots in and around the church to chronicle the state of things at the beginning of their second century, as well as demonstrate the close-knit sense of community which the church has brought to so many lives.

Website Redesign

The customer already had a website which we at Matcha created for them several years ago. Their old site was beginning to show its age, however, and we agreed with the administration that the church's 100th anniversary would be the perfect time to give their Web presence a facelift.

To begin, we examined the good and bad of their then-current site. Though packed full of useful information, the site itself seemed small and cramped to today's high-resolution sensibilities. Elements created with Adobe Flash would have to be converted or removed if we wanted to make the site usable for modern tablets.

To the drawing board we went. Our first priority was to create the new site on top of an easy-to-use content management system to make it maintainable without expert assistance. We purposely chose a system with an integrated calendar function to help users keep track of church events and schedules.

Where the old design was dark and restrictive, our new design became light and expansive, with many large colorful screen-width elements and plenty of photographs. Large, easy-to-understand buttons replaced text links. We bumped up the text size and chose a clean typeface which was easy to read. Every piece of Flash content was replaced with mobile-friendly HTML5 widgets. The site was carefully designed to be useable on nearly any mobile device. The color scheme was also updated to fall more in line with the new branding effort.

Once the design was complete, we oversaw the data migration and ensured that the site was live by January 1 of their centennial year.


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