Have a crystal-clear view on what libraries you use ... and don't allow it to get blurred

UpdateImpact is a web tool for (initially) JVM-based projects which visualises, runs static analysis and monitors the dependency tree of your projects.

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Dependency management, incompatible library versions, weird bugs caused by a transitive dependency update are what developers all around the world spend precious hours every day. But it doesn't have to be that way!

With the right tools and continuous monitoring, your software can be more secure, delivered faster and you can have more confidence as to what's included in the final package.

UpdateImpact is a user-friendly tool both for developers, helping to quickly visualise and view the dependency trees of the projects, as well as for project leaders, who wish to have an overview of the libraries used in the organisation and maintain consistency across multiple projects.


Integrates with the most popular build systems (Maven, Gradle, SBT) and CI systems (Jenkins, TeamCity)


Browse the direct and transitive dependencies of your project in a developer-friendly tree view. Search the tree for specific libraries and versions to find out why they are there.

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Automatically analyse the dependency tree to automatically find potential problems. A number of built-in rules will help you avoid common problems.


Define which versions of dependencies can and cannot be used to increase security and avoid incompatibilities.


Get notified when a new build introduces new or changed versions of existing dependencies in the project.


Compare dependency trees of two versions of your project to make finding elusive bugs easier.

Find out

Find out how updating a library will impact the dependency tree of your project.

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Browse and search module is available now & free.

Advanced features

All advanced features will be available soon on a subscription basis. Full pricing will be announced soon.

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